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seed generation, four questions

dear iota community, I have just installed the IOTA Light wallet 2.5.7. on my ubuntu. For the seed generation, I have used the random seed generator on my terminal (as suggested in the installation page) and logged in to my light wallet. Now, here, I have clicked to RECEIVE function and realized that an address is already created. Afterwards, I have attached this address to the TANGLE and I got address attached feedback. In order to play around a little bit, I have created other three receiving addresses and also attached them to the tangle. At that point, I had in total four addresses which were in pending status. I have promoted one of the receiving addresses (by clicking to show bundle, then promote). Now, only one address is confirmed, and the other three addresses are pending. My questions are: 1) do I need to have a confirmed address to start receiving funds? 2) without clicking to promote, how can I set my computer/CPU to contribute to the network, when I am online at my computer? 3) remember the random 81 character seed I created? I logged out from my initial seed, I copy pasted the seed to a text file, and then I changed the last character from Z to K, and pasted this to the seed input of IOTA GUI, and ta da! I was able to see the four receiving addresses which belong to the seed ending with Z. Is this normal? 4) Last but not least, considering this 81character seed trials, would not it be possible for someone to create a VERY long list of all the allowed characters, create basically a text file and try a brute force? Considering the gain at the end, this should be a simple thing for an hacker right? If the person installs the GUI, and then starts trying 81 character seed, sooner or later (be it a month, or 3 years), they will find a seed which will be worth the effort. And this seed can be yours or mine. What is the best way to protect the account? thank you best regards, berkan

Posted by berkan delice 24 days ago