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How to swtich to full node wallet GUI from light node?

Posted by Shan 10 months ago

I've used the light wallet GUI earlier. I have recieved iota in my wallet as well using lite node.
Now, I've been trying to switch to full node from light wallet to act as a node & help with IOTA transactions.
I am using windows 7. I followed this tutorial from IOTA support to run in full node:

I've used DUC for static IP which is always running in background. When I am switching to full node I can only see my CPU usage & not the blockchain sync at the left corner of wallet GUI status bar. I am not able to login using my seed as it saying 'not synced' when I try to login. (Note: I already added 6-7 neighbours to & asked them to add me as well. But, they were not able to see any activity from my node)
However, when I am switching back to light node I can see the blockchain synced.
I've tried port forwarding in my router as well(by going to firewall setting in router and creating virtual server as I couldn't find any port forwarding setting there) as I thought it could an issue with router but it didn't help.
I've tried checking the port number(the one that i gave as my node URL port) online but it says the port is closed.
Anyone can help with this?

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