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API Introduction

The IOTA Java client makes it possible to interact with your local node and request certain information or actions to be taken. Once your node is successfully setup, you can interface with it through port 14265 by passing along a JSON object which contains a specified command; and upon successful execution of the command, returns your requested information.

The main priority of the API as well as IRI itself is security. As such, anything that has to do with private keys is done client side. For this we have provided several libraries that take care of this, but you can implement this functionality yourself as well.

For your convenience, we have added concrete examples on how to use the API in Curl, Python and NodeJS. If you are using Javascript, you can simply follow along by using either XMLHttpRequest or jQuery. For NodeJS, please install the wonderful request npm package, as all our examples require the request package.

For the rest of this documentation it is assumed that you have the IOTA client running at port 14265 (or a port of your choice, change your requests accordingly then).