Separating submitting transactions and validation

Posted in General by Ivan Horn Mon Aug 08 2016 08:25:05 GMT+0000 (UTC)·1·Viewed 464 times

Is it or will it be possible to submit a transactions with one node, and perform the necessary validation on another node? Consider having an IoT device sending sensor data over IOTA. The node might not be intended for the computationally heavy validation of other transactions. It would enable smaller and more lightweight nodes if this work is deferred to another affiliated node.
Timothy A Shear
Feb 28, 2017

A model I'm working on has the IoT device sending data over https REST-API to a database service that is a node on IOTA. It handles the posting of the transaction to IOTA and participates in validation. Part of the api processing is to store the trx id with the data that can be returned in any query for confirmation. The database service is unique in that there is no requirement for schema and indexing specs. All tags/values are query-able without an index.

Any thoughts?

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