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Here we list and describe all additional parameters which are required to be passed along for certain commands.

  • seed: string tryte encoded string which contains the accounts seed. The seed must be correctly encoded trytes: only uppercase latin letters and 9’s. No other characters are allowed. The maximum security level is 81-trytes, but you can choose longer/shorter seeds.
  • address: string 81-trytes long address of the recipient of a transaction.
  • value: string the quantity of IOTA’s which should be transferred.
  • message: string tryte-encoded string which can contain arbitrary information and is sent alongside a transaction. The message value is publicly visible. The max value is 2187 trytes, which is 6561 trits (or roughly 1312 bytes).
  • transaction / hash: string hash of a transaction. A single transaction hash is 81-chars long.
  • trytes: string the raw data of a transaction.
  • bundles: list contains a list of transaction bundles. Bundles are basically linked, individual transactions which were created with a single transfer. They are uniquely identified by a 27-char hash.
  • addresses : list a list of addresses. A single address is 81-chars long.
  • tags: list the tag of a transaction.
  • approvees: list a list of transaction which were referenced by this transaction
  • securityLevel: int specifies the security level of your transaction. Can either by 0 (for 81-trit security), 1 (for 162-trit security) and 2 (for 243-trit security). Lower security transactions are faster to generate.
  • minWeightMagnitude: int specifies the amount of Proof of Work that will be carried out. Currently can only take the value 18.